Thrift Store Finds: CorningWare, Mason Jars & Wrapping Paper

I went to the thrift store in search of mason jars and any organizational items I could find. Before you hit the section where the mason jars are located, you pass by the cook ware items. Oh my, I couldn’t believe what I found!! It looked to be a brand new CorningWare Creations set. I love entertaining and cooking so this was a great find for me.

Mason Jars – $0.25/ea. $1.00 total.

CorningWare Creations Stoneware Set:
4 Ramekins – $0.25c/each
1.5qt – $3.00
2qt – $3.00
9×13 – $3.00

This last find was from a few days ago, but I had to show you guys.  At the front of the store, they had one of those tall laundry hampers FULL of brand new wrapping paper labelled at $0.50/each. They had high school musical, whinnie the pooh, star wars and etc. I spent $4.00 total for 8 brand new rolls of wrapping paper. What a blessing!

Wrapping paper $0.50/each

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